Amber Green Blue draws together many threads that connect us, recognising that there are many positive aspects of modernity but that these have to be brought into balance with the environment and global community that supports it.

This balance is also essential within us and so Amber Green Blue works with both the internal and external realities of living here, now.

Bukvina kuća is a small stone house on Hvar in Croatia where we hold Open House Hvar, the main AmberGreenBlue activity so far.

Blue relates to the dream space where ideas first come into being. It is a free space for imagining the new and undiscovered. In the material world it corresponds to the sea and other natural water environments that are at the base of the support for life.

Green is where ideas come together and are formed into action, education and building. It is a place for real movement and change, full of energy and direction. This is the natural world on land, mountains, forests and fields which we depend on to feed us.

Amber places you in the space of communication, exhibition and celebration. It is somewhere to publicise achievements, show what we’ve done and inspire others. It translates to the city space where most people live and meet and which causes most of the pressure on our natural environments.