Artists 2017

Chooc Ly Tan

Chooc Ly used her time at Bukvina Kuća to complete the editing of a short documentary film on colonialism gathered from interviews across the world mixed with TV footage and enhanced by her musical taste. The video was initially made for the Southern Summer School, a collective project that brings together art practitioners and cultural workers based in South Africa, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, around questions of decolonisation, art, and social justice. As part of a numerous SSS events across the 3 countries, a first ‘study’ version of the video (here) premiered at BAK, in Utrecht, the Netherlands, last February 2017.

Chooc Ly Tan (Spacer Woman) is an Afro-Asian artist, DJ & voyager, born in France & living in London. Her practice sets out to use systems or tools that are used to understand the world, such as logic or physics, but subvert them to suggest new visions of reality. With a penchant for electronic music Chooc Ly’s DJ sets present a varied selection, forging astral connections through spectrums of Techno, Hip Hop, Afrobeat, Acid, high-voltage Electro, through to fusions we haven’t found names for yet.

Recently her work has been shown at Minsheng Art Museum, Beijing, China;; StudioRCA, London; Artičok, Prague; Gasworks, London; ART Rotterdam; Neutral Ground Contemporary Art Forum, Canada; CCA, Glasgow; OK Centre for Contemporary Art, Austria; Festival of Ideas, Cambridge; CCCB, Barcelona; Fuso International Video Art Festival, Lisbon; Milano Film Festival; School Hut, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania; Carlos/Ishikawa, London; Whitechapel gallery.

Tanja Gangar

At Bukvina Kuća Tanja painted a series of beautiful landscapes, some of which are shown below and used the house to enhance her yoga practice further. She also helped and inspired us with planning the new garden. The wild nature around the island provided a space for her to retreat, rest and meditate.

Tanja is a highly experienced educator with 25 years of facilitating, coordinating and developing schemes of work and programmes, in a wide variety of institutions as well as writing and developing programmes & delivering creative sessions in several galleries & museums,including in her current post as Education Manager at the National Portrait Gallery, London.

As a working artist she has travelled widely and exhibited internationally. Part-educated in Berlin, She extracts  influences from German expressionism and the thriving contemporary energy that the city generates. However it was both the vibrant colours of her carribean birthplace through to her childhood years in rural Kent and the British countryside that continue to inspire her the most. Her abstract landscapes express dynamic form, tone and texture and her portraiture aims to capture the essence of the sitter.