House Info

Here are some notes to explain a few things about the house and visiting. We’ll send you a bit more once we confirm your booking.

The House

The house is on three stories with a single room on each story – on the middle floor there is a small bathroom with a shower within the main living room and a terrace, the living room has a large double sofa bed. On the terrace there is space for two people to sleep if it is warm enough outside.

The top floor is a used for sleeping and has a double bed, a single childs bed (160cm long) and a further double mattress which can go on the floor. It can be hot in the height of the summer (mid July to late August) and there is no air conditioning, but there is a desktop fan.

Downstairs is a kitchen with wood burning stove and a double sofa bed. There is a spiral staircase connecting the floors and so apart from the bathroom there are no doors between floors/rooms.


If you are bringing children with you, please be aware of these risks;

Terrace – there is a wall around the perimeter but this is quite low, particularly from the seats so younger children should not be left unattended. The access to the terrace can be locked.

Staircase – this does not have a banister so younger children should be supervised when they are using it

Garden – there is a two meter drop into the old house below our house and so children should be warned not to go outside our land. In addition there are venomous snakes on the island which have been seen around our house so children should not be exploring/lifting stones.

Surrounding area – the house is in a working agricultural community and so there are vehicles moving around at speed on the roads next to the house


There are venomous snakes on the island and there have been sightings in the village and by our house. We don’t know anyone who was ever bitten but it is worth being aware that they are there – avoid lifting stones/pots and make sure you are making plenty of noise if you go walking through the countryside.

There are mosquitoes from June to September in the house so we recommend that you use nets when you sleep. You can also burn mosquito coils on the terrace/garden if you’re sitting out.


Please don’t smoke in the house at any time – it’s fine on the terrace/garden.

It is extremely important that cigarette butts are put out in ash trays and not thrown over the wall/onto the garden as there is a high risk of wildfires, particularly in the summer months.


Please re-stock the bar before you leave with whatever you’ve consumed.


No drugs allowed at any time and penalties in Croatia are severe.