Open House Hvar 2017 – Refuge

Welcome to Refuge: Open House Hvar 2017 – a utopian place, an island and a global community that makes space for everyone.

Over the months of June, July and August 2017, we will run several events which will be linked by the theme of ‘refuge’, with the aim of developing our creative activities to respond to the refugee crisis in Europe. They will be run by our guest artists and activists in order to test the possibility for working creatively with refugee and migrant groups in Croatia, later in the year.

The movement of migrants or refugees can be contrasted to the movement of tourists to Hvar every year and we hope to investigate this theme by connecting with both groups through workshops, discussions and performances. Education of young people through creative workshops (drawing and painting, theatre, film) about refugee experiences offers a counter-narrative to xenophobic voices that have gained exposure in recent years.

We would like to explore the many meanings of ‘refuge’ by continuing to honour the tradition of our house, Bukvina Kuća, to offer sanctuary from the rat-race, stress, the pace of modern life, to us and many other dreamers, artists and builders over the last ten years. The meaning of refuge is to find shelter from fleeing, a place safe from violence. There is also a Buddhist meaning of refuge: to take refuge in the qualities of enlightenment, right living and a community of like-minded people.

Refuge relates to ‘fugue’, or ‘flight’, which as a musical term represents a composition that is interweaving different voices, which follow or ‘chase’ the introductory theme. We are hoping that dancers and musicians among you will take this as an inspiration.

This year we are broadening our approach to include residencies by visiting artists, as well as an Open House Event. We would like to invite our guest artists and activists to explore the theme of ‘refuge’ creatively (through film, video, painting, discussion, documentation, building) and in collaboration with us, lead some creative activities with local and tourist participants.

If you are inspired to contribute this year, please contact us and come for a residency, the Open House Hvar event, or something in between.