Invitation 2018

A happening that brings together dreamers, builders and those in-between to a beautiful place, to rest, create, play, and discuss the ways of living in a more balanced and beautiful way.

Open House Hvar: Migrations 2018, will run for two weeks from 16th July to 4th August.

During this period, there will be many activities organised: mosaic-making, fresco/mural painting, laying a tile floor, planting a Mediterranean garden, fencing with natural willow material, theatre, yoga and drawing workshops. This will be balanced out by more chilled occupations such as lying on the beach, drinking local wine, popular in these parts in the summer. Film projections and dance performances are also in the bag.

This is intended to be a creative gathering of friends and family and if some of you would be willing to offer some of your time to helping with house building you will be graciously accepted. There is a house with all the normal stuff, (floors, roof, windows, toilet, water) but many finer and more detailed works are still waiting (wall painting, rendering the façade etc). However, if you can’t or don’t want to join in the house works, it would be great to see you and join you in rest and relaxation by the beach.

Hvar is a place of stunning beauty, and we are looking forward to sharing those special summer moments with you. We really hope you can make it and please drop us a line with any questions you have. Any suggestions for activities or if anyone is willing to lead a workshop, would be greatly welcomed.

Open House Hvar 2018 has run for almost ten years, as part of the organisation “Amber Green Blue”.

See you on Hvar!