OHH 2010

kucicaThe little stone house in Vrisnik once again opened its doors in July 2010. We only just managed to glue the main stone tiles on the terrace, when more people than ever came with their amazing energy. A few cracks on the tiles now tell the story of an unforgettable summer.

The 2010 Open House will be remembered for its parties. The Horny Shipwreck party warmed up the space even before the beginning of the event. The vibe continued with our favourite resident guitar pop star keeping the tradition of our terrace parties, and we must not forget the christening of our new terrace mosaic by the wonderful Ella. The Blue Moon Beach party brought out the romantics and poets in us all, initiated by a beautiful medley of moon songs by Chris and Adna. One of the highlights was a poem by Stefan which gave a unique and personal take on things in and around the house.

IMG_2912The days ran followed an established rhythm: yoga, works, the beach. Regular yoga sessions led by an experienced teacher, Lisa, held in the house by the Ganesh mural, proved very popular and were soon happening on the beach. The terrace was the hub of all the activities and the focus of the building works. The new stone tiles were mixed with recycled roof tiles and a few beach stones to form an attractive pattern for the floor. They were glued using natural lime. We had some experienced plasterers from last year who continued lime rendering of the inside and outside of the terrace and the studio. Mixers had the most difficult job though, so special thanks to them.

The wooden floor on the ground floor was done in time to give extra space for sleeping, and a wooden circular staircase started to be built. The great new addition this year are white lounge seats on the terrace, making it there in time for all those parties. All this work was made worthwhile by the magical hands of our cooking singer or singing cook Nermin who managed to rustle up some wonderful dishes day after day.

art vrisnikA new addition this year was the ‘amber, green, blue’ structure, which proved quite useful. The amber days were for communication, discussions, presentations, parties. The green days were for building, new ideas and new projects. The blue days were for dreaming, swimming, relaxing.

Children workshops also marked this year.  Regular art workshops on the ‘cepenak’ in the garden led to an unprecedented event in the old village of Vrisnik: an art exhibition on the main square. The children works featuring the themes of love, friendship, magical animals, summer, and many, many unicorns, were hang on the walls of the ancient stone church, and around fifty people, neighbours and children, gathered to celebrate.

blue moonThings were ticking nicely when suddenly a group of East Londoners descended, the guitar was out, the ancient speakers were turned on, and sleep deprivation kicked in. Hallucinations or not, but some images take a long time to shake off; Jolene, Nouvelle Vague, the pink dress, the dance competitions, Greek bedsheets, Shlag – say no more! After the ferry took the resident DJ back to English shores, our neighbours and us could catch up on our sleep. We were still slightly disoriented a month later.

A very different year, and a great improvement – we can’t wait for another one! Now we leave you with the photos that have that power to catapult us back into those great days of high summer.