OHH 2013

Welcome to Open House Hvar 2013: Kernels. Kernels is about new seeds, new projects. It’s about taking the best of the last years’ stock and crystalising it into a kernel to plant for the future, or to share with others. So it could mean taking an essence of an activity that gave you the most joy, or was in some way very meaningful to you in the last year, and repeating it on your own, or with others, in the Open House. 


Kernels, in computing jargon, are also about connections between the hardware (the building of the house, our bodies, our material world) and applications (activities, discussions, celebrations, our inner world). So, yoga, meditation, dance, music, drawing, building, will continue to weave those connections in 2013. 


Open House Hvar 2013: Kernels invites you to join us in relaxation, building, art, learning, and taking time to regenerate, plant new ideas, on your own, or in a group. We will gather the best seeds of the three years of Open House Hvar, to drop into the hot pan of 2013, for some pop-corn fun. Come and join the party!