OHH 2016

The dragon has been sleeping for thousands of years. Last summer there were stirrings as strange mythic creatures – Vegetable Lambs, Sea-shelled Sirens and Frolicking Fawns – bathed under the stars next to the beast. Over winter the dragon has not slept as soundly, as these peculiar images played upon his mind. One eye half open, sniffing the air and breathing a little more warmth each day into the waters around, he awaits these merry creatures. This year, at full moon in high summer, the dragon will awaken… 

This year we will waken the Dragon with a celebration of his strength, fire and beauty. Read more about the dragon from last year here.

Join us this year from 30th July to 21st August for theatre, performance, drawing and partying at the beach and for cocktails and chilling out at the house in the hot/cold tub. It would be great to welcome some more people so if you want to bring some friends this year just let us know.  

If you feel inspired to run a workshop or be involved in the theatre production or have some other idea tell us – Open House Hvar is made by you.

Drop us an email or you can add ideas or comments here.